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BIM Modeling - LOD 300, LOD 350, LOD 400, LOD 500 and FM & AIM stages
(technical design, manufacturing and construction, handover, use) 

RIBA PoW 2020_last 4 stages

45 training hours | SUN - TUES - THURS  

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM KSA

Online Interactive Course through Google Meet

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course topics and outline

  • Introduction about AEC industry and project advanced stages
           IFT, Tender, Contractor Selection, Team mobilization, kick off, IFC, Shop Drawings, 
           Fabrication, installation, as built, red marking, laser scanning, closing.
  • Introduction about BIM in construction
           connection between BIM LOD and stages to construction project stages 
  • Deep Insights about construction projects stages
  • BIM uses in the advanced project stages and phases
  • BIM management documents and standards 
          EIR, PRE-award BEP, Post award-BEP, BIM manual, BIM naming convention, BIM 
          Quality management plan, LOD specs, ISO standards, PAS standards, AIA, NBIMS...ETC
  • Relationship between BIM and AUTODESK REVIT
  • Introduction to AUTODESK REVIT 2023 and it's uses in BIM 
  • LOD 300 - 500 stages modeling and production. 
  • how to start a project in AUTODESK REVIT in IFC - LOD 350 stage
  • developing the shared coordinate and levels, grids, units, references Revit files
  • data segregation concept and how to segregate volumes
  • Explaining Project template setup, family use concept in construction phase
  • getting to know how AUTODESK REVIT is used in this phase
  • introduce project folder setup on the CDE in construction phase
  • getting to be introduced to Project REVIT files linking 
  • linking by shared coordinates concept 
  • explaining worksets concept
  • creating central and local Project files
  • getting to know synchronize option and save options
  • know cloud collaboration, BIM 360, and Autodesk DOCS
  • upgrading BIM LOD 300 Design models to LOD 350 IFC models
  • Producing IFC packages from clash free BIM models after Design
  • Coordination with other teams 
  •  Introducing Revit Interference check 
  • working with Warning tools in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • changes on model elements while upgrading from LOD 30 to LOD 350 to LOD 400 and to LOD 500
  • Introducing LOI concept and what model information should be loaded into each model element in EACH LOD STAGE
  • mastering wall detailing and parameters and properties palette options 
  • mastering family parameter creation and the difference between parameter types
  • mastering scheduling in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • mastering family creation in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • mastering view creation and editing in AUTODESK REVIT  in AUTODESK REVIT mastering visibility graphics
  • working with view filters in AUTODESK REVIT and mastering them
  • master working with ceilings in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • completing building information modeling of a real project up to LOD 350
  • master detailing of model elements as per the BEP LOD (LoD-LOI) REQ.
  • mastering stairs detailing and layers separation in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • working with collaboration panel in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • copy and monitor options in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • working with drafting views and creating project details 
  • importing CAD details in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • mastering working with legend components in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • working and mastering AUTODESK REVIT annotation
  • working and mastering AUTODESK REVIT area, area tags, and area schedules
  • demonstrating working with work planes
  • mastering importing, linking, and cross files concepts
  • mastering keynote options
  • creating keynotes source files
  • mastering view referencing and create view references
  •   introducing energy optimization tools in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • introducing site and topography options in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • introducing conceptual massing tools and techniques 
  • mastering modifying site options
  • working with massing and site in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • introducing manage collaboration options in AUTODESK REVIT
  • synchronize, load latest and relinquish options
  • worksharing options
  • publishing options in collaboration workflow
  • creating\editing view templates in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • working with revisions, revision clouds, revision cloud schedules 
  • object styles, project information, project parameters, shared parameters in AUTODESK REVIT
  • transfer project standards from a file into another in AUTODESK REVIT
  • purge option in AUTODESK REVIT and how to keep REVIT files healthy
  • working with line styles, line weights and line patterns
  • creating\editing project annotation families, arrow heads, and others
  • working with project location, coordinates, and position 
  • design options and phases
  •  creating assembliesgroups, and parts in AUTODESK REVIT 
  • mastering project browser organization and filtering
  • modeling and production of full LOD 400 models and drawings
  • exporting to AUTODESK NAVISWORKS after preparing the model 
  • exporting to CAD 
  • exporting to IFC 
  • Plot to PDF
  • Printing to papers 
  • mastering family creation and editing and parameters 
  • mastering conceptual massing 
  • creating LOD 500  models and as built drawings from red marked drawings 
  • introducing COBie parameters plugin 
  • explaining COBie parameters 

targeted audience

  • Architects and engineers working as clients, client representatives, consultant engineers, contractor engineers working in the AEC industry
  • Engineering firm owners 
  • Consulting team members
  • Consulting team leaders and head of departments
  • Authority architects
  • Authority interior designers 
  • Interior designers 
  • Landscape architects and engineers 
  • Urban design engineers
  • BIM managers, coordinators, modelers, authors, specialists
  • Architecture & Engineering University and College students in their 4th and 5th years
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NOW $ 400

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revit course

Exceptionally accomplished and reliable Senior Architect with a strong client satisfaction record across a wide variety of medium to Mega & Giga projects. Adept at handling multiple projects simultaneously with the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism, relying on his experience gained from the positions & roles handled during his career path, like but not limited to:

1- Executive Manager, Principal architect, and BIM director.
2- Senior Architect and BIM Manager
3- Architect and BIM specialist\manager.


Mr. Jaser has his expertise and strengths in the following fields:
1- Architecture and interior design
2- Landscape architecture
3- Executive management
4- project management
5- BIM management

He is the owner and CEO of GESSOarchitect and A|Learning Pro. 

Jaser has completed many architecture, landscape, interior design projects, and has built the online interactive training program:


  1. BIM Management Professional

  2. AUTODESK Revit

  3. AUTODESK 3Ds Max 


  5. AUTODESK Docs & BIM 360 

  6. ADOBE Photoshop 

Jaser has finishes his bachelor's degree from the university of Jordan in 2014, and has also completed his master's degree in science of engineering management from Qatar University in 2022, his master's thesis was under the title of:



He has gained many titles during his journey:

  •     PWA-ASHGHAL approved BIM manager (Qatar)

  •     PMI-PMP authorized instructor

  •     Autodesk certified instructor - silver badge

  •     BIM manager - RICS Institute

  •     Autodesk authorized developer - publisher - author 

  •     Autodesk Certified Professional - Revit 2015-2023

  •     Autodesk Certified Professional - 3Ds Max 2015-2018

  •     Autodesk building performance analysis Guru

  •     Autodesk educator expert - number 01 worldwide 2015

  •     Autodesk students ambassador

  •     PMP certificate holder

  •     Qatar engineering and consulting offices committee

  •     certified - UPDA

  •     Jordan engineers association registered architect

  •     Jordan engineers association certified instructor

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