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Project Management Exam Simulator
PMI 7th edition - latest new material content


PMP exam Simulator 02
7th Edition

pmp authorized instructor

PMP exam Simulator 03
7th Edition

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PMP exam Simulator 04
7th Edition


What will participants\students learn from this PMI PMP 7th edition exam simulator?

  • simulate the PMI-PMP exam situations and know how can the questions be built for the exam

  • ability to participate in a PMP exam simulator (this is not a real PMI exam)

  • know their strength areas and build on

  • specify their PMP weakness areas and revisit the needed PMI PMP material and strengthen their knowledge

  • have a time bounded PMI PMI real exam environment

  • know their grades at the end of each exam\test (either on the same page or by E-mail)

Who is this PMP exam simulators for?

  • PMP students

  • PMP exam enrolled participants

  • traditional\waterfall practitioners and project managers

  • agile\adaptive project environment practitioners and project managers

  • hybrid project environments practitioners and project managers

  • project management practitioners and knowledge development seekers

Who is this course for?

this exam simulator is built to help PMP students and practitioners to evaluate their knowledge in the field of project management professional in alignment with the project management institute material of the 7th edition with the new requirements for 2022 (onwards) exam.

  • the exam supports situational questions from the different management environments including (traditional, agile and the hybrid environments)

  • this exam simulation includes questions covering the material of the PMBOK 7th Edition by the project management institute PMI, with situational and scenario based problems that focuses on measuring your abilities (as a project manager) to pass the PMP exam and manage projects in a real life scenario. and that is due to the fact that the majority of questions in the PMI PMP exam will be situational.

  • there are many situational and decision making based questions in this simulator, as well as some numerical and calculation based questions to help you cover the exam areas in a comprehensive manner.

  • having feedback on each question will help you to clearly understand why the correct answer is correct and why others are not.

  • the passing score for this exam is 80% 

  • with the following notes: 

  •  Your Score: >80% - EXCELLENT:

    • Revisit the explanations of the Q's you have got wrong, enhance your learnings & proceed to next section.

  •  Your Score: 60-80% - AVERAGE:

    • You need to focus on analyzing the Q's and explanations you got wrong & restudy questions and answers to develop your knowledge before moving to the next section.

  •  Your Score: <60% - NEEDS IMPROVEMENT:

    • you need to revisit all the questions and answers and we encourage you to restudy your course (if you have taken a course) again before having this exam again.

  • this PMP exam simulator will help you to familiarize yourself with the actual exam environment and question types.

targeted audience

Project managers from all industries 
People working in management feild 
Employees looking to be promoted to project manager
People targeting to pass their PMP exam from the 
first attempt
Architects and engineers working as clients,
client representatives, consultant engineers,
contractor engineers working in the AEC industry
Healthcare sector employees 
People working with client organizations who runs and originate projects
Engineering firm owners 
Consulting team members
Consulting team leaders and head of departments
Authority architects
Authority project managers
Program managers
Project managers with 6th edition PMP certificate or older
Project managers working in agile environment
Project managers working in traditional environment
Project managers working in hybrid 


PMP exam Simulator 02
7th Edition

pmp authorized instructor

PMP exam Simulator 03
7th Edition

PMP EXAM 01.jpg

PMP exam Simulator 04
7th Edition

Students & Participants Feedback

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