AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2021 New Features !!

Updated: Jun 16

Our Beloved #baby #software is released,

who is not using #Autocad for the simple, moderate to the most #complex tasks in the AEC industry,


and now the new #Version is released with the new #awesome #features so let's Dive Together through them:

1- Drawing history

Compare past and present versions of a drawing and see the evolution of your work.

2-Xref compare

See the changes made to your current drawing from changed external references (Xrefs).

3- Blocks palette

View and access your blocks content from AutoCAD on desktop or within the AutoCAD web app.

4- Performance enhancements

Experience faster save and install times. Leverage multicore processors for smoother orbit, pan, and zoom operations.

5- Quick measure

Display all nearby measurements in a drawing simply by hovering your mouse.

6- Purge redesign

Remove multiple unneeded objects at once with easy selection and object preview.


and much more features , you can visit:

or you can experience them yourself by downloading a free trial:

or buy the full version at :


visit our Channel on youtube:

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