It is a happy day when you feel the achievement is paid off, the efforts you have invested is getting back returns, and the investment is now driving back benefits.

we are thrilled to share with you our CEO new authorization as he has earned the AUTODESK certified instructor badge. which was issued by AUTODESK and CREDLY.

it is more reliable and it feels the confidence on a higher level when teaching students, architects, engineers, construction practitioners, after getting the international recognition from the source of the software that they use.

and the more effective is when you print your AUTODESK certified instructor certificate and hold it on your honor wall.

it takes huge effort and responsibility mixed with pain and commitment to gain this honor achievement, as it takes years of study, practice, teaching and commitment, during the hot sunny days and the toughest rainy nights.

more about AUTODESK certification requirements below (information is taken from its official resources "Autodesk website"):

Autodesk Certified Instructors (ACIs) are credentialed professionals, affiliated with Autodesk Learning Partners, and recognized for their product mastery, delivery, and instructional skills. Autodesk Authorized Training Centers, Autodesk Authorized Academic Partners, and Autodesk Membership Training Providers have the product knowledge needed to meet industry standards and lead courses in instructional settings. ACI badges are issued and validated by reputable organizations. Earn your customer’s trust when you present a certified badge validating your credentials.

To earn an Autodesk Certified Instructor certification, an instructor must be an Affiliated Instructor with a qualified Learning Partner.

there are four types and categories for authorizing instructors with Autodesk (as of June 2022):

  1. Standards ACI

  2. Silver ACI

  3. Gold ACI

  4. Platinum ACI

each of them has it's own requirements.

in later posts we might be talking about each type separately and now we leave you with our CEO information. (we would love to connect with you all)

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See you there !!

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