PMI-PMP Authorized Instructor

It is our pleasure to sure with you our CEO Mr. Jaser M. Mustafa latest Achievement on gaining the authorization of the Project Management Institute in USA as an authorized PMP Instructor on the latest PMI Project Management Professional Material Content 2022.

"It always feels better when teaching after holding the AUTHORIZATION BADGE" - Said Jaser M. Mustafa.

it was not an easy journey towards achieving this, as it started back in 2017, when I was first enrolled for the PMP course. I completed the course but never attended the exam,

later in 2021 after practicing on many projects, and reading more about the PMP, and being assigned as a project manager, BIM manager, BIM director, Principal architect, and an Executive manager. I have undertaken another course on PMP, actually i have taken more than 3 courses until now. on my 3rd course I have booked the exam and easily passed it with an awesome above target score.

I have also started teaching PMP as I am already an Autodesk Certified instructor with more than 11 years of experience. it always makes me happy and feels the achievement while teaching either Project Management Professional or any other subject.

I will tell you some facts about the PMP exam:

1- it is designed out of 180 questions

2- exam duration is 230 Minutes

3- you can do it online from home or any place (should comply to the requirements)

4- can do it from an authorized examination center

5- you need to take a 35 hours PMP training course (you can enroll for my course by the way) :P

6- either you have an educational certificate or not you can write the exam.

7- you need to pass all the exam domains (People, Processes, Business Environment)

in order to pass the exam

8- each task (question) is evaluated in a 3 area scale (low - medium - high)

9- there are instructions for the online exam takers, so you need to read them carefully before your exam date and make sure that you have all the requirements checked.

10- I do recommend you to solve practice questions as much as you can before you go for the real exam, (you need to select good practice tests which are based on the latest material content)

here are 2 mock up exams I have created on a learning platform I use for my online courses and mock up exams:

PMP Exam Simulation based on the new PMI content 2022

PMP Exam simulation PMI 7th edition

here is another exam for BIM management professional if you are interested:

BMP Exam-BIM management professional 2022 Mock Simulator


Share your Certificate with us when you pass your exam !!

Jaser M. Mustafa

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